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First aid for seizures

Key points

  • Knowing what to do when someone has a seizure can help you and colleagues feel prepared and less likely to panic when you see one
  • When someone is having a seizure it’s important that someone stays with them until the seizure is over and they are fully recovered
  • For most seizures your employee won’t need an ambulance
  • Some people are prescribed emergency medicine to stop seizures that last too long

What to do when someone has a seizure

First aid is different for each seizure type. Find out what type of seizures your employee has so you know the right first aid information. There may also be specific first aid information for an employee in their seizure action plan, for example how long a seizure normally lasts for them.

Seizure first aid training

First aid for seizures should be included in first aid at work training (3-day course for qualified first aiders) and emergency first aid at work training (1-day course). But this may not include first aid for all the seizure types. It’s worth checking with your training provider that they include first aid for the type of seizures that your employee has.

Virtual training

Epilepsy Action’s epilepsy awareness training includes first aid for different seizure types as well as information on how to support a colleague with epilepsy at work. Training is delivered virtually. The training can be delivered in-person when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Online first aid training

‘What to do when someone has a seizure’ is a free online course.

If you are interested in hosting this course on your organisation’s learning management system or intranet, contact

First aid resources

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